Dietitian & Nutritionist



Weight Reduction

Do you want to lose weight by adopting healthy eating for life rather than a `fad diet`?

I can offer you dietary advice, ongoing support and motivation to achieve your goals. I will help you to tailor your healthy eating plan to your lifestyle and likes/dislikes, to make these goals achievable.


Healthy Eating/Eating for specific events

Are you confused about messages through the media about what you should/shouldn`t eat?

I will teach you how to optimise your nutritional intake by making changes to your diet in line with current recommendations and your personal goals.


Therapeutic Diets

Do you have a specific health condition such as coeliac disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease?

I can help you to identify what is specific to you, I can help you to understand the effects of the disease/condition to your body and how to identify and achieve goals that are specific for a disease/condition.


Food industry, catering, nutritional analysis and food labelling

Are you a café, restaurant or food supplier?

I can help you with food labelling in line with Natasha`s Law which is now a legal requirement in the UK to help those living with food allergies.





Learning Difficulties - Healthy Eating

My adult son has learning difficulties, he lives independently with supported care. Sandra helped to guide my son, and the support staff with his meal planning. I was worried as my son was getting older and gaining weight. The staff now have more of an understanding of healthy eating. Together they developed a food plan, that met his likes and choices. Sandra’s communication and understanding for my son was excellent (he can be challenging). She was so kind and patient with him.

Mrs K.P, Harlech

Weight Reduction

I approached Sandra when I was asked to lose weight for hip surgery. Although I had yo-yo dieted for many years, I knew the principles of losing weight but failed to achieve a steady weight due to emotional eating. Sandra helped to guide me and support me, to achieve healthy eating for life. Her approach was encouraging and non-judgemental. I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to achieve their goal. I have achieved my goal weight and have now had my surgery. Sandra helped to change my life! Thank you, Sandra!

Mrs P.S., Chester

Nutrition Support

My husband was losing weight and I was worried about him. After visiting the GP, making sure that he had no contributing illness, we discovered that he needed help due to his appetite reducing for various reasons (his anxiety and some dental problems). Sandra listened to him and helped him to understand the reasons for his weight loss, and helped him to make a plan to deal with this. He gained confidence and made some different food choices based on her chats and suggestions with him. I am pleased to say that he took this advise onboard and is now a healthy weight and a happier person. Sometimes I feel that family members listen to other people more than those close to them, but this helps to take the pressure off too!

Mrs T.M. Oswestry


TV & Media

I have appeared on television to take part in a current affairs programme and I'm available for ongoing work in this area.

I have written articles for nutrition magazines and I'm also available for this work. 

Prices on request.